Often unnoticed and underappreciated, gutters provide a great deal of protection for your home or commercial building. While your roof keeps rain off and out of the interior structure of the building, your gutters serve to shuttle that rainwater away from the most important part of your home — the foundation. When your gutters start to fail, you are actually putting the foundation of your property at risk. While you might not be thrilled about the expense of gutter replacement, the expense of repairing a foundation would be far greater! If you’re worried about your gutters, here are a few telltale signs that you might need gutter replacement soon:

  • Tiger Stripes– When you look at your gutters, do you see intermittent striping along the outside? This can be a sign that your gutters are consistently overflowing and not functioning as they should. The striping is caused by dirty rainwater overflowing and running down the sides of your gutters instead of towards the downspouts.
  • Sagging- If your gutters appear to be sagging in certain areas, that is a huge red flag! Sagging gutters can mean several different things. It could be rotting fascia or a problem with the structure of the gutter itself. Sagging gutters create improper water flow, meaning your gutters aren’t doing their job properly.
  • Overflow- Perhaps the most easily seen issue with your gutters is that of overflowing. If your gutters are consistently overflowing when it rains, even if they are cleaned out, you need a gutter replacement.

If you have any questions about gutter replacement, our team at A-Denver Roofing would love to assist you. Please give us a call today for more information about gutter replacements in your area.