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A-Denver Roofing Is Defining the Standard

» 20 years of proven performance
» Over 150 thousand square feet installed
» More than 2,000 warranted installations
» Statewide network of quality-minded clients

Twenty years ago, A-Denver Roofing revolutionized the commercial roofing industry with our EPDM membrane, establishing a track record of superior performance and quality that would become our hallmark in the Denver area. Today, more than 2,000 warranted commercial EPDM roof systems comprising over 150 thousand square feet of membrane have been installed around the state of Colorado. The history of A-Denver Roofing is built on EPDM, the number one membrane choice of consultants, architects and building owners in Colorado. Since the beginning, our attention has been devoted to the four pillars of success that customers value most: performance, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation. These are the foundation of A-Denver Roofing’s success and our commitment to every customer. Our decades-long experience with EPDM has allowed us to define the standards of quality and reliability for commercial roofing EPDM installations in Colorado.

What does it mean to define a standard? For A-Denver Roofing, it means offering the most durable commercial roofing EPDM membranes at the lowest overall lifecycle costs for Colorado commercial building owners. It means more than installing EPDM—it means offering the first reinforced membrane, pressure-sensitive and prefabricated accessories, Factory-Applied Tape (FAT) and the first ENERGY STAR®-qualified EPDM on the market in the Denver area.

Defining the standard means sustainable offerings such as the stormwater retention system and a comprehensive recycling program. It means maximum energy efficiency for every commercial single-ply EPDM roof, regardless of Colorado’s climate. A-Denver Roofing commercial roofing EPDM continues to define the standard, leading the industry in Colorado with a comprehensive product line of high-performance, eco-friendly and energy-efficient commercial building roofing materials.


The Standard for Commercial Roofing Performance in Colorado

» Superior resistance to Colorado’s UV, ozone and weathering
» Full 60- or 90-mil thickness of weathering material, no internal scrim, perfectly suited for Colorado’s severe weather
» Flexibility in all temperatures, perfectly suited for Colorado’s extreme changes in temperature
» Thermal shock durability, keeps the membrane from cracking due to Colorado’s extreme freeze/thaw cycles
» Proven hail resistance to Colorado’s severe hailstorms
» Zero (no growth) rating for fungal growth

A-Denver Roofing’s EPDM is the ideal membrane for Colorado’s climate and severe weather conditions. A commercial building’s EPDM roof will expand and contract along with Colorado’s severe temperature changes, allowing it to perform like new for decades. When put to the test against Mother Nature in Colorado Springs and Denver, A-Denver Roofing’s EPDM comes out the clear winner, time-and-time again. EPDM’s superior physical characteristics allow it to stand up to Colorado’s UV exposure and freeze/thaw cycles. Our commercial EPDM roof systems offer unmatched protection against winds up to 120 miles per hour, three-inch hailstones and accidental punctures. In fact, EPDM is the only membrane that has been tested after 30 years of performing on a roof in Colorado. The test results document EPDM’s ability to maintain its flexibility, tensile strength, UV and tear resistance after 3 decades of service in Colorado. A-Denver Roofing’s hassle-free commercial EPDM warranties range between 5 and 30 years depending on our customer’s needs. All of these warranties provide Colorado commercial building owners with a quality commercial roof that’s proven to perform in Colorado’s harshest hailstorms and windstorms.

Our 30-year Total System Warranty for commercial EPDM roof systems sets the standard for long-term performance in Colorado. This roof system features our 90-mil EPDM membrane, which is thicker and more durable than anything on the market, and is complemented by system enhancements and redundancy that ensure unparalleled quality for decades. A-Denver Roofing’s 90-mil black EPDM also offers a 40-year non-pro-rated ELITE membrane material warranty, defining the standard for sustainability in Colorado’s commercial roofing industry.

Weathering Colorado’s Hail Storms

In an independent study, new, heat-aged, and field-aged EPDM samples were subjected to severe impact by various size hailstones ranging from 1.5″ to 3″ in diameter. Regardless of aging, nearly 95% of the EPDM samples passed ASTM standards for hail resistance. The results were overwhelmingly positive, proving that EPDM is an ideal roofing material for hail-prone Denver, Colorado Springs and the entire Front Range, as well as rooftops that experience excessive foot traffic.

Aged Commercial EPDM Roofing Systems Make the Grade

EPDM samples taken from 30-year old rooftops were analyzed for the following properties:

» Elongation (ASTM D4637)
» Tensile strength (ASTM D4637)
» Thickness XD (ASTM D4637)
» Thickness MD (ASTM D4637)
» Factory seam strength (ASTM D816)

All of them performed well above ASTM standards for aged membranes, and they all exhibited elongation up to 300%, a key attribute in providing the flexibility necessary to withstand Colorado’s extreme temperature changes on the rooftop. Most of the samples even tested at or above ASTM standards for new membranes, proving that even 30-year old EPDM has the physical attributes to provide Colorado commercial building owners with the watertight protection they want and need.

commercial building in colorado springs with an EPDM roof

Colorado’s Standard of Sustainability

» Lowest lifecycle costs of any commercial roofing material in Colorado
» Recyclable membranes keep waste out of Colorado landfills
» Stormwater retention options reduce building footprint, keeping more of Colorado natural
» Contributes toward LEED® certification

A-Denver Roofing’s commercial EPDM roof systems provide performance and savings for decades. Long-term analysis demonstrates that choosing EPDM can cut the lifecycle costs of a roof by as much as 25%, an investment resulting in savings throughout the life of the roof. Research demonstrates that the amount of energy required to produce EPDM, from extraction to installation, is lower than any other single-ply material. Low-VOC primers, adhesives, and membrane cleaners further reduce the environmental impact of EPDM roofing systems installed in Denver, Colorado Springs, and the entire Front Range.

A-Denver Roofing’s focus on sustainability does not end there. Reduced landfill space and increasing waste disposal costs throughout Colorado have led to heightened interest in rooftop recycling. Commercial reroofing utilizing EPDM is an inherently recyclable membrane that is useful in many post-consumer applications. Even the ballast and insulation taken from an EPDM commercial reroofing project can be reused or recycled.

Performance & Savings — Cradle to Grave

The Athena Institute, a non-profit lifecycle analysis (LCA) organization specializing in building materials, recently updated its EcoCalculator to include LCA data for EPDM membranes. The institute found that EPDM has the lowest Global Warming Potential of any major commercial roofing material. In fact, EPDM can offset its carbon footprint in as little as 15 years, compared to other materials that may require up to 54 years of service life to equal the carbon footprint resulting from their manufacturing process.

The Standard of Energy Efficiency

» Optimal energy-saving solutions for Commercial buildings in any location across Colorado
» DOE Cool Roof Calculator shows the warming benefit of dark colored EPDM membranes, which help reduce heating costs in Colorado’s cold winters
» Plastic membranes are limited to light colors due to accelerated weathering and heat-aging concerns
» The industry’s first ENERGY STAR-qualified white EPDM membrane reduces cooling costs during Colorado’s hot summer months
» Ballasted EPDM roof systems are recognized as “cool roof” alternatives by ENERGY STAR, ASHRAE, Chicago Building Code and California’s Title 24

When it comes to energy-efficient roofing in Colorado, A-Denver Roofing’s EPDM has the unique ability to benefit commercial building owners across the entire state of Colorado. Data from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that heating is the largest consumer of energy in Colorado’s commercial buildings. Space heating consumes five times more energy than space cooling on average.

In central and northern Colorado, dark-colored EPDM saves energy by reducing these costly heating demands. In southern Colorado, where reflective roofs can help keep a building cooler and reduce its air conditioning costs, you can take advantage of A-Denver Roofing’s white EPDM, the first ENERGY STAR-qualified white EPDM membrane on the market. By reducing heating and cooling demand, an appropriate commercial EPDM roofing system can reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources.

A New (Old) Take on Cool Roofing in Colorado

The Single-Ply Roofing Institute (SPRI), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) conducted a study that found certain ballast and paver EPDM roof systems provide energy-saving benefits equal to cool or reflective roofs located in Colorado.

According to the study entitled, “Evaluating the Energy Performance of Ballasted Roof Systems,” medium (16.8 lbs/ftÇ) and heavy (23.5 lbs/ ftÇ) ballast featured peak heat flows lower than white membrane roofs after as little as two years. Unlike a white, reflective roofing material, there is no need to periodically clean a ballasted roof system in order to maintain its “cool roof” performance. Ballasted roofs are quick and easy to install, extremely long lasting, and more economical than most systems on the market. Certain ballasted roof systems are now recognized as equivalents to reflective roofs by the following groups.

» California Energy Commission (Title 24)
» City of Chicago Building Code
» ASHRAE, Standard 90.1

The Standard of Commercial Roofing Innovation in Colorado

» Factory-Applied Tape (FAT) reduces seaming time and increases seam performance for better protection from Colorado’s high winds and heavy hail
» Prefabricated, pressure-sensitive accessories manufactured in a factory-controlled environment provide watertight seals around penetrations
» Broad product line to meet the needs of any commercial roofing project in Colorado
» Wide-width membranes reduce number of field seams and increase speed of installation for building owners aiming to minimize business disruption

A-Denver Roofing revolutionized the commercial roofing business in Colorado with a simple idea: provide a commercial roofing system that offers better performance than asphalt-based built-up systems without the hassle of field assembly. EPDM achieved this goal, and since its introduction, innovation continues to be one of our foremost goals.

Each year, we listen to our customers in the Denver area to develop innovative technologies that make commercial EPDM reroofing installations faster, easier and more cost effective. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing, field evaluations and strict quality controls that ensure these technologies continue to perform. A-Denver Roofing recognized the limitations of adhesive-based seaming and led the revolutionary seam tape movement. Our Factory-Applied Tape (FAT) took seam technology to the next level by applying the tape to the membrane in a quality-controlled environment.

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Factory Applied Tape is now available on over 60 variations of A-Denver Roofing EPDM, providing uniform adhesive width and thickness that increases installation efficiency and quality. In side-by-side testing, Factory Applied Tape delivered 30% greater peel and 32% greater shear strength than traditional EPDM seaming methods. Traditional flashing details are no match for the uniform quality of A-Denver Roofing’s pressure-sensitive, prefabricated EPDM accessories. From pipe boots to pourable sealer pockets, these products alleviate the frustration of field fabricated details by offering an alternative that saves time, energy, and money for Colorado building owners.

A-Denver Roofing also offers the most diverse line of EPDM membranes, which means commercial building owners in Colorado can get the perfect product for their specific needs. More sizes and thicknesses of EDPM are available than for any single-ply roofing material in Colorado. Our commercial roofing EPDM membranes are available in formats of up to 200-foot lengths and 50-foot widths, allowing far greater areas to be covered in less time with fewer seams. These innovations are just a few of the many that A-Denver Roofing has introduced to the market throughout its history. Commercial building owners in Colorado can rest assured that A-Denver Roofing’s mission to define the standard in Colorado and will continue to raise the bar for Colorado business owners for years to come.

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