Painting contractors can be worth their weight in gold when you find a good one! Painting contractors not only save you loads of risk by avoiding ladders and heavy paint cans, but can save you a great deal of time and effort as well. If that weren’t enough, professional painting contractors yield professional-looking results when it comes to interior or exterior painting, so you’ll be pleased with your results! However, to get the results you desire, you have to first find a painting contractor you can trust. Before hiring your painting contractor, ask them the following questions:

  • “How much experience do you have?” Painting, like any skill, gets smoother and more efficient with experience. This experience will be especially crucial for detailed exterior work like that on certain historic homes.
  • “Are your workers insured?” Insurance is crucial for working painting contractors. Painting is inherently dangerous work. There’s lots of lifting heavy materials and climbing tall ladders. Experience keeps these workers safe, and insurance keeps them covered.
  • “Who will be on-site while the work is being done?” On big jobs, you might see different painters come and rotate. However, you should always be kept in the loop as to who is working on your home. If you find painting contractors that have a supervisor on site, all the better!
  • “How much will the job cost?” Job costs vary depending on many factors like size of the home, grade of paint used, preparation involved, etc. Experienced contractors will be able to give you a solid estimate instead of surprises when you get the bill.

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