multi-family residences in Colorado Springs

Multi-Family Roofing Experts in Denver and Colorado Springs

Multi-family properties, condo buildings, Home Owner Associations, townhouses and mixed-use communities in Colorado present some of the most difficult challenges for professional roofing contractors. Various homeowners, various members of the association, various property management groups, and the vast variances in the age of properties all create many opportunities for success or failure.

A-Denver Roofing has installed roofing systems in over 200 multi-family residences in Colorado with 100% success. We understand the needs of all stakeholders in the multi-family community, and we tailor our roofing projects accordingly. For owners of a multi-family residences, we know your responsibility is to maintain a safe and secure building and ensure that it meets the needs of your buyers and tenants. For residents of multi-family residences, we know how important it is that our roofing project be quiet and safe for the occupants inside the building. A-Denver roofing tailors each and every multi-family roofing project to the unique needs of the stakeholders in each community we serve. A-Denver Roofing’s multi-family construction services provide quality, assurance, and safety that your residents want and deserve.

20 to 50 Year Warranties on Multi-Family Roofing Projects

When you hire A-Denver Roofing for your next multi-family roofing project, we provide 20 to 50 year warranties, depending on the type of roofing system we install. We stand behind our premium roofing products 100%, on both labor and material. We’ve been in business since 1977 and we’re not stopping any time soon!

Multi-Family Shingle Roofing Projects in Denver and Colorado Springs

A-Denver Roofing understands why shingle roofing is so popular with multi-family property owners and developers. Shingle roofing systems are the most economical roofing system for steep sloped roofs. This fact, coupled with its ease of installation make it the number one choice for multi-family decision makers. A-Denver Roofing are experts in shingle roofing installation and repair, and we make it one of our top priorities when working with multi-family properties in Denver and Colorado Springs. We are seasoned, expert shingle roofing contractors, we can handle any size multi-family shingle roofing project in Colorado, and we strive to finish the project in a single day, for the convenience of the residents, as well as the property owners. A-Denver Roofing is certified with the top shingle roofing systems manufacturers in the country.

Flat Multi-Family Roofing System in Colorado

A-Denver Roofing has installed over 500,000 square feet of single-ply roofing systems in Colorado. We are experts in EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing systems. We are authorized to offer 15, 20, and 30-Year Total System Warranties for these types of systems. We understand the nuances for each type, and we can recommend the perfect system for your building. A-Denver Roofing can install 1,500 to 2,000 square feet of single-ply roofing for multi-family buildings in Colorado per day. Our expertise in commercial and multi-family flat roofing makes us the perfect choice for your next multi-family re-roofing project in Denver or Colorado Springs.

Multi-Family Roof Coatings Systems in Colorado

When a complete multi-family re-roof is out of the budget, A-Denver Roofing recommends extending the life of your low slope commercial roof by installing an economical roof coating system. Roof coatings are applied to low slope roofs on residential, commercial, and multi-family buildings to extend the life of a roof by preventing water, chemical, or physical damage which saves money for the building owner(s). Certain roof coatings even provide an extra level of waterproofing protection to help shed water to keep building interiors dry. Also, roof coatings are the most effective and least costly option to help buildings save energy. A-Denver Roofing can install these systems at a rate of 3,000 square feet per day and will provide a 20-Year Total System Warranty.

Keeping Multi-Family Owners and their Tenants Happy in Colorado

In conclusion and as previously mentioned, the most challenging complication multi-family property owners and multi-family property managers have to deal with are the tenants… especially because of a leaking roof, causing property damage and loss to the tenants. Choosing A-Denver Roofing as your multi-family roofing contractor will avoid unpleasant legal situations, multi-family building owners and their managers will have us on standby for emergencies. A-Denver Roofing takes pride in its service to our multi-family property owner clients. The tenants’ safety, and their access to their parking lot throughout the day is our top priority when developing our multi-family re-roofing project plan. We guarantee fast response times, including a 24-Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs using the highest quality materials. However, we strongly recommend that proper roof maintenance can avoid unhappy tenants altogether and we offer a variety of flexible maintenance contracts.

Our attention to detail, protection of tenants and their personal property, high quality, long lasting materials, and timely service, has provided continuity between tenants and property management companies or landowners. If your homeowners association or property management group is in need of a roof inspection, A-Denver Roofing will provide a free multi-family roof inspection in a timely manner. We offer various options, timelines or immediate service based your current needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the most hassle-free multi-family re-roofing project in Colorado.