Are you a commercial building owner in Colorado Springs, Denver, or anywhere else in Colorado?

Does your commercial building have a leaking metal roof?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions then you’ll want to read on and then contact us at A-Denver Roofing. We have the most economical re-roofing solution for your exact needs. Continue reading to learn more about how we provide commercial roofing solutions to commercial building owners in your exact situation.

TPO Membrane for Metal Retrofit Applications

A-Denver Roofing’s TPO is a premium, heat-weldable, single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, engineered to provide outstanding long-term performance in new roof construction and re-roofing applications perfectly suited for the Denver and Colorado Springs markets. All of our TPO membranes utilize patented advanced weathering technology, which is able to withstand extreme durability testing intended to simulate exposure to several climates. This technology prevents the TPO from becoming prematurely damaged by Colorado’s extreme weather cycles.

TPO Accessories

A-Denver Roofing also utilizes over a dozen prefabricated commercial roofing accessories, and countless custom-order accessories. All carry a CFA (Certified Fabricated Accessory) stamp of approval, so you know they are manufactured to the highest standards. Every CFA-approved accessory saves time and money during installation, which decreased total project cost for our commercial building owner clients in Colorado.

TPO Metal Retrofit Installation

A-Denver Roofing will use either EPS or polyisocyanurate insulation to fill the metal deck flutes. Next we’ll use either another layer of insulation or coverboard and fasten and secure the assembly to the metal roof with Insulfast or HP-X Fasteners and insulation plates. Take a look at the following graphic to understand the roofing assembly.

Metal Retrofit Mechanically Fastened Roofing System

10″-wide TPO Pressure-Sensitive RUSS strips are attached through the insulation (underlayment) to the purlins with HP Purlin Fasteners and Piranha Plates. Sure-Weld TPO reinforced membrane is primed and then adhered to the RUSS strips. Adjoining membrane sheets are hot-air welded together using an approved auto hot-air welder. Induction welding plates and HP Purlin fasteners can also be used in place of RUSS and primer. This commercial roofing assembly cuts down on expensive adhesives used to fully adhere the membrane to the underlayment, providing a valuable roofing system at a considerable cost savings to the commercial building owner.

System Features & Benefits:
» 45-, 60-, and 80-mil membrane thicknesses
» White, gray, and tan colors available
» Adds additional insulating value
» High strength heat-weldable seams
» Roofing membrane is ENERGY STAR®* qualified, CRRC rated and can contribute to LEED® requirements
» High wind uplift performance
» Industry-leading Weathering Package provides improved weatherability, durability, and long-term rooftop performance in Colorado’s harsh climate

Metal Retrofit TPO Membrane System Strengths

» Economically installed over existing metal roofs providing value for building owners
» Specially designed fastening system using induction welding plates or RUSS strips anchored into the structural purlins (the strongest point of the roof) provides optimum performance against Colorado’s high wind events
» Installs easily over most aged metal roofs, cutting labor costs that flow to the you, the commercial building owner
» Heat-weldable seams provide a complete and monolithic membrane assembly protecting your building against extreme weather in Denver and Colorado Springs
» TPO reinforced membranes are durable, highly puncture resistant, and ENERGY STAR qualified for a cool roof design