White EPDM installed on a commercial building in Colorado Springs

Reflective • Efficient Installation • Proven Performance in Colorado

A-Denver Roofing’s White EPDM Roofing Systems

Highly reflective and monolithically pleasing, A-Denver Roofing’s white commercial EPDM membrane is the only white EPDM membrane with 25 years of proven field experience. Specially developed for fully adhered systems, the membrane offers superior performance including greater durability and puncture resistance to withstand Colorado’s harsh weather. Environmentally friendly, the white EPDM roofing system can withstand Colorado’s enhanced wind uplifts and Colorado’s long-term UV weathering. Choose A-Denver Roofing as your trusted expert commercial roofing contractor in Colorado Springs.


20 years ago, A-Denver Roofing started single-ply roofing. Today, more than 15 million square feet of commercial roofing membrane has been sold and installed in Colorado. No other commercial roofing contractor has a comparable track record. A-Denver Roofing’s EPDM’s success is due to its many exceptional characteristics, including material longevity, weatherability and elasticity, making it ideal for use in Colorado.

These non-reinforced membranes feature a full 60- or 90-mil thickness of weathering material with no internal scrim. This feature allows the membrane to expand and flex during Colorado’s extreme and frequent freeze/thaw cycles. This feature prevents cracking in the membrane, keeping the material durable and long-lasting in Colorado’s weather.

A-Denver Roofing also installs white EPDM, this non-reinforced membrane is available in 60-mil and 90-mil thicknesses, can be ordered in widths up to 20′ (6m) and standard lengths of 100′ (30m) for fast, economical installations. A-Denver Roofing provides the most affordable commercial re-roofing projects to commercial building owners in Colorado, Denver, and Colorado Springs.


A-Denver Roofing’s white EPDM membranes are ENERGY STAR – qualified, environmentally friendly and LEED approved. The ENERGY STAR program recommends using the Roof Savings Calculator (rsc.ornl.gov) to determine if a white reflective roof will save or cost you money compared to a dark-colored roof depending on geographic climate conditions, building location, and other variables. Contact us for more information and a free commercial roof inspection to see if white EPDM membrane is the best option for your commercial building in Denver or Colorado Springs.


Installing a A-Denver Roofing’s white commercial EPDM roof system is easier and more efficient with the availability of A-Denver Roofing’s innovative Factory-Applied Tape (FAT), providing a lower installed cost to commercial building owners than other systems. Many white EPDM membranes are now offered with FAT seam technology, which has been proven to reduce seaming time by 75 percent and improve quality. FAT also delivers 30 percent greater peel strength and 32 percent greater shear strength, making A-Denver Roofing’s white EPDM roof systems one of the strongest and most efficient reflective roofing options on the Colorado market. A-Denver Roofing prides itself on providing the best commercial re-roofing value for our clients in Denver, Colorado Springs and all across Colorado.




The most time-consuming portion of a white commercial EPDM installation is faster and easier with A-Denver Roofing’s pressure-sensitive Elastoform flashing, a self-curing material that resists cracking and is easily formable around different shapes. Also available with our white system are pressure-sensitive walkway pads that are easily installed over top of the membrane, helping extend the service life of this premium roof system. All of A-Denver Roofing’s EPDM roof systems are offered with a complete line of pressure-sensitive accessories for the white system, including pipe seals, curb wraps, cured cover strips and RUSS strips. These accessories reduce labor costs, bringing the total cost of the project down for commercial building owners in Denver and Colorado Springs.

White EPDM installed on a commercial building in Denver Colorado


» 25 years of proven performance
» Industry leading UV resistance of 25,200 kJ/mÇ for white membranes
» Reduces air conditioning costs in Colorado buildings
» 540% elongation results in superior hail resistance to withstand Colorado’s harsh hail events
» Lowest global warming potential, acid rain and smog impact according to a study using EPA’s TRACI model
» FleeceBACK option available
» Zero (no growth) rating for fungal growth

This system, properly installed and inspected on a commercial project, may receive:

» A 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- or 30- year No Dollar Limit Total System Warranty may be requested when all materials used for the roofing installation are manufactured or marketed by A-Denver Roofing.
» A maximum peak gust wind speed coverage of 55 miles per hour is standard. Additional coverage up to 120 mph is available.

Consult us at A-Denver Roofing for associated warranty changes and the full text of sample warranties.

white EPDM standard assembly for Colorado Springs