installation of silicone roof coatings on a commercial building in Denver


Denver Shopping Mall | Denver, Colorado

One solution for a tough problem

Though the Denver Shopping Mall had just 30,000 total square feet of roofing, the individual sections for its many businesses were in different states of disrepair. Asphalt patches, failing curbs and fasteners, exposed primers, and previously coated acrylic and aluminum surfaces made for a messy situation. The GE Silicones Enduris Roof Coating system was “perfect” for this complex challenge, said Cory Merz, Owner at A-Denver Roofing and leader of the restoration work. “We have installed every type of roofing protection product—Enduris Roof Coating is our favorite solution and was an easy choice,” he added. This product is perfect for restoration of commercial buildings in Colorado. The product is UV stable, meaning it won’t degrade under Colorado’s harsh UV rays.

installation of silicone roof coatings on a commercial building in Denver

A seamless seal

A-Denver Roofing used the Enduris Roof Coating system to tackle each problem at the Denver Shopping Center at once. Instead of spending hours cleaning and scraping years of built-up grease around a restaurant vent, the team covered the area with a single-ply patch. Areas of exposed insulation were also covered, and so was the asphalt. Seams were sealed where different roofing substrates met. The 100% silicone makeup of the Enduris Roof Coating system allowed chemical and adhesive compatibility to create a strong and lasting barrier to stand up against Coloraado’s harsh weather events. Lastly, the entire surface was covered with a single coat of Enduris 3500 Roof Coating. “Each of the substrates benefited from the seamless coating,” said Cory Merz, adding, “Twenty or 30 years from now, the transitions between the substrates will still have the same integrity as it did after application. A new membrane solution would typically have shown falling bridges within a year.” Silicone is very pliable, it expands and contracts with the building. This characteristic has tremendous advantages for commercial buildings in Colorado where the freeze thaw cycle happens frequently throughout the seasons. Every business in the mall can gain from additional energy savings enabled by the white Enduris 3500 Roof Coating.

Less labor meant lower cost

Even with the many issues present, the A-Denver Roofing crew saved days of work because applying Enduris 3500 Roof Coating required only one coat and no primer. The Colorado weather was of little concern, as well. Cory Merz explained, “On the Colorado Front Range, there is a forecasted chance of showers every day in the summer. Using an acrylic, we would likely have lost coating in a pop-up rain shower—or lost several days from only the threat of rain.” Using silicone enabled us to work through the Summer and get the job done in a timely manner, on-time and on budget. And, A-Denver Roofing was glad to pass on these application benefits directly to the building owner. Merz gladly reported that he had not received a call about roof maintenance since the project was completed. “We know we won’t hear from this customer until it’s time to renew the coating’s warranty or they have another job for us,” he said. “A job that’s done well and lasts for years is our business card. The Enduris Roof Coating system helps us deliver on that.”

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