A-Denver Roofing has revolutionized the commercial roofing market in Colorado over 10 years ago with the installation of innovative EPDM single-ply membrane. Since that time A-Denver Roofing has continued to offer innovative solutions to the commercial building owner, but one thing remains the same—the watertight performance, durability and dependability of its EPDM membranes. No other single-ply roof system matches the strong track record or history of EPDM in Colorado, which is why it continues to be the low-slope roofing industry’s and commercial building owner’s material of choice. Choose A-Denver Roofing for your next re-roofing project in Colorado Springs and Denver. We use only the highest quality EPDM membranes and hire only the best installers to waterproof your commercial building in Denver or Colorado Springs.

commercial building in colorado springs with an EPDM roof

Commercial Roofing in Colorado? The numbers don’t lie.

» Over 200 warranted EPDM roof systems installed in Colorado Springs, Denver and the entire Front Range
» Nearly five hundred thousand square feet of warranted EPDM roof systems installed in Colorado
» First installer to exceed 1 million square feet of EPDM membrane installation
» First installer to install an ENERGY STAR®-rated EPDM membrane

Built to Last for Commercial Roofing Projects in Colorado

» Unmatched weatherability for tough Denver and Colorado Springs hail and windstorms
» Expands and contracts – ideal for the various climatic conditions across the entire state of Colorado
» Virtually immune to ozone, Colorado’s high UV radiation and Colorado’s freeze/thaw cycles
» Low installation, maintenance & overall lifecycle costs making this a great choice for budget-conscious commercial building owners in Colorado Springs and Denver
» Industry leading UV resistance of 41,580 kJ/m2 for Colorado’s high altitudes

Always Moving Forward to Protect Your Commercial Properties in Colorado

» A-Denver Roofing offers a wide variety of sheet thicknesses and widths which allows for faster installations
» Over 60 EPDM membranes available with Factory-Applied Tape™ provides even faster installation times when minimal business disruption is important
» Pressure-sensitive, prefabricated accessories available for virtually any penetration or detail keeps your commercial building in Colorado watertight for decades
» Ballasted stormwater retention systems are low-cost alternative to retention ponds or treatment system upgrades, keeping your project under budget
» Ballast systems qualify as cool roof alternatives and reflect the heat from Colorado’s harsh UV rays
» EPDM offers the lowest global warming potential, acid rain and smog impact according to a study using EPA’s TRACI model

Contact A-Denver Roofing today to discuss your next commercial re-roofing project in Colorado Springs, Denver or the entire Front Range. We provide total system warranties on every roof we install. Don’t wait till your roof compromises your building’s interior. A-Denver Roofing has the experience and knowledge to protect your most valuable asset, commercial property and commercial buildings. Call us today!