When you are experiencing persistent roof leaks and other problems typically associated with a roofing system, it can be more than frustrating and expensive to keep up with repairs. If you’ve called about the same roof repair more than once, it might be time to check your entire roofing system – including your gutters – to see if there is an underlying problem to be addressed.

While many of us think of roofing problems as a top-down issue, in reality, sometimes it can be a bottom-up concern. Gutter systems are designed to move water away from the roof, acting as a barrier between your building and moisture. If your gutters have sustained damage of any sort, it can compromise this system, preventing them from doing their job and preventing your roof from overcoming any ongoing moisture-related events.

Addressing damage to your gutters when there is a problem can be the fastest way to remedy a roofing problem at the source. It will be important, however, to work with a roofer who is well-versed in your type of residential or commercial roofing system. This could also be an opportunity to explore new roofing and gutter products that will provide lasting protections against the elements on an ongoing basis.

Your gutters are an investment, just like your roof, and are something that you should give attention to when needed. At A-Denver Roofing, we can answer your questions about whether your gutters are causing some of your roofing concerns and provide the services needed to restore your roof and your property. Call us today for a consultation at your home or business.