Insurance Claims – Hail & Wind Repair Experts
Roof replacement or repair due to hail damage can be one of the most expensive repairs for homeowners and insurance companies. Making sure that you properly identify roof hail damage in a timely basis, and following the proper procedures will help protect your family’s most important asset, your home.

Homeowners who think they may have suffered storm damage should:

Look for visible water damage inside your home.

Look for damage to your roof’s shingles that may compromise the effective life of your roof. We recommend calling a professional to do a full property inspection.
If necessary, contact your insurance agent and file a claim.
Consult a local roofing contractor trained in Hail Damage Roof Repair to represent your interests. A certified hail/wind damage inspector will give you not only an honest opinion but a helpful diagnostics report.

Insurance Claims – Filing a Claim

If you have reason to believe that you home has significant hail/wind damage we recommend filing an insurance claim. The process is simple and you don’t have to worry about your rates going up because you filed a claim. Hail/wind damage are out of your hands as a homeowner.

Insurance Claims – Adjustment Process

Your insurance company will send a certified claims adjuster to assess the damage and let you know what he recommends for repairs. We do recommend that you have a qualified roofing expert on site while the insurance adjustment takes place. Having a qualified expert on site will allow you to have a voice during the adjustment.

Insurance Claims – What will it Cost?

Most insurance policies are “Replacement Cost Value” policies. What this means to you is that your home will be repaired and the insurance company will pay the replacement cost. You are responsible for only the first portion of your claim. This is called your “deductible”.