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Did you Know…

Basic Wind Speeds On The Front Range Are 110 mph And Higher (see map).

Yet, many “bargain-priced” contractors use shingles only warranted for 60 mph winds. Trust A-Denver Roofing to install only the highest quality shingles rated for wind speeds in Colorado!

Wind Damage Is Common in Denver and Colorado Springs…And Your Home May Be At Risk!

• On average, wind causes more than $1 billion in residential property damage each year in Colorado
• Mountain areas are particularly susceptible to damage from pockets of high winds, especially on or near mountaintops or ridges across Colorado
• Blown-off shingles may leave your home and its contents vulnerable to water damage, mildew, and mold

United States wind speed zone map

What You Should Do To Protect Your Home in Colorado…

• Don’t assume that all roofing contractors know about the code requirements with regard to wind speed in Colorado
• Use the table (in the map) to see average U.S. wind speeds in your area
• Colorado’s Front Range is a “Special Area” because wind speed codes vary from 100 mph to 150 mph

IMPORTANT! Be sure to check the wind rating of the shingles you’ll be installing before you choose your new roof for your Colorado home!

more than 60% of all homes in the U.S. are vulnerable to damage from high winds

As Colorado’s Top Roofing Contractor, We’ve Taken The Lead To Ensure Your Protection…

Every A-Denver Roofing Shingle we install meets ASTM’s highest wind ratings!

The Toughest Shingles Around… Our shingles pass the tough ASTM Class F 110 mph wind test—for a full two hours.
Maximum Peace Of Mind… A-Denver Roofing’s special Dura Grip Adhesive seals our shingles so tightly, they even pass the ASTM Class H wind test— which means our shingles are resistant to winds up to 150 mph!
Install With Confidence… We can install our shingles in any part of Colorado, because they all pass the 110 mph and 150 mph ASTM wind tests.
Your Best Choice…Don’t risk wind damage to your most valuable investment—your home. Trust A-Denver Roofing as your Colorado home’s protector.

blown off shingles due to high wind event in Colorado

Blown-off shingles may expose your Colorado home to structural damage, mold, and mildew.

residential roof in Colorado Springs

A-Denver Roofing shingles with Class F and Class H wind ratings are the best choice for protecting your home in Denver, Colorado Springs, and the entire Front Range.